Combining our Tactical Teams with Surveillance Drones makes for one of the most effective solutions to combat any illegal activity on a farm or a mine. Drones can cover large areas and rough terrain
which makes for very effective perimeter control or physical patrols. Our thermal cameras attached to our drones can pick up any unwanted intruders and send a location to the ground teams increasing their ability to make successful arrests. The applications for this service can vary from Farm Security, Mining Security, Anti-Poaching or even Search and Rescue operations.

Thermal camera imaging on drones offers a myriad of features and benefits that make it a powerful tool for various applications. One significant advantage is the ability to detect heat signatures that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye or traditional cameras. Heat cannot be concealed, making it an effective means of detecting and tracking objects or individuals, even in challenging conditions such as low light, fog, or smoke. 

By capturing thermal images, drones equipped with thermal cameras can provide valuable insights in fields like search and rescue operations, wildlife monitoring, infrastructure inspections, and security surveillance. The technology allows for rapid identification of anomalies, such as overheating equipment, electrical malfunctions, or hidden persons, enabling timely intervention and preventing potential hazards.